About SDAP
SDAP is a law firm that does criminal and juvenile appeals for indigent clients in the San Jose area. We are not the court of appeal.

SDAP Seminar Material Available
Material from the 2015 SDAP Spring Seminar is now available.


CCAP Moved
Effective February 1, CCAP's mailing address is 2150 Riverside Plaza Drive, Ste. 300, Sacramento CA 95833. The telephone number will remain the same.

Address for San Benito Courthouse
The address for the San Benito County Superior Court is now at 450 Fourth Street, Hollister CA 95023.

New DCA Clerk
Daniel P. Potter is the new Clerk Administrator at the Sixth Appellate District Court of Appeal.

Proposition 47 News
With the passage of Proposition 47, appellate counsel should review their files and contact trial counsel or the public defenders office if a client might be entitled to relief. Proposition 47 also affects cases where prisoners servng third strike sentences were found unsuitable for resentencing under the Three Strikes Reform Act.


The end of Paper Fee Claims has Come
Effective February 25, 2015, SDAP is no longer accepting paper compensation claims.


e-Filing, e-Submission in the Sixth District
All motions, with some exceptions, and any brief raising no issues must be electronically filed in the Sixth District Court of Appeal in lieu of paper copies. Petitions and briefs in criminal and juvenile case must be electronically submitted with the original and copies filed in the court. EOTs in juvenile cases must be paper filed. EOTs after the first extension in criminal cases must be paper filed. The AG and Santa Cruz DA may be electronically served. SDAP may be electronically served only no issue briefs, first EOT requests, notice of change of address, and notice of substitution of counsel. There is now available a list of what documents that may or must be e-filed or e-submitted in the Sixth District Court of Appeal.



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